ZF Plastic and Label Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd with its 28 years of knowledge, works to ensure that its customers purchase their current and future needs with minimum cost and high quality at the right time and at the right price. We work with suppliers who are specialized in their fields and offer realistic and competitive prices, and We convert our customers' raw material, semi-finished product and product needs into orders on the basis of Proforma Invoice. Before the purchase decision, We offer our customers many quality and price options, and we shed light on them to make the most appropriate decision under the conditions of the day, without sacrificing.

            Main Products We work with ;

     -En-71 -Reach-Phthalate-Free  standarts of
       Transparent, Frosted, Colored and Embossed  PVC Films   

    - Pvc Lamination Films
    - Tpu Transparent, Colored, Hologram Films
    - Eva/Peva Transparent, Colored and Patterned Films
    - Bopp Matte and Glossy Lamination Films
    - Bopp Thermal Lamination Films
    - Label Materials
    - Textile Accessories 
    - Plastic Packaging Materials
    - Machines
    - Molds